An unemployed recent college graduate, I’ve played poker casually for many years, mostly medium-stakes hold ’em on weekends and the like. During my last year in college, a few friends and I began playing online Sit & Go’s and making decent money; we called ourselves the Coalition (the Coalish, for short) and pooled together a bankroll, learned the ropes together, and divided our winnings (most of which went into fried chicken and beer). Since the Coalition’s dissolution upon graduation, I’ve decided to pursue the online game more seriously to make some money before my life goes wherever it goes.

That brings us here. On Miracle on 5th Street, you’ll find a ledger of lessons learned, both poker-related and otherwise, as I journey into the mean virtual world of online poker. You’ll find tales of success and failure, growth and frustration, and–as promised–miracle beats from both sides. Whether you’re a tenderfoot online player yourself, a casino cardsharp, or just one of the millions of poker casuals, may you laugh, cry, and learn right alongside me.

* * *

A note: while my experiences certainly will often revolve around poker (sometimes to minutiae), don’t expect complex, instructive poker strategy or news on professional poker–many fantastic blogs already exist on these subjects.


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