Our Hero, medium-stacked with six players left, is dealt QQ (clubs, diamonds) in the small blind. The blinds are 75/150. All fold to the loose-aggressive cut-off, who makes a raise to 450. The button folds, and the Hero re-raises to 750. The big blind folds and the cut-off pushes all-in, which is only an additional 450 or so in addition to the re-raise to 750. The Hero calls. The opponent turns over KK (clubs, spades), making him a comfortable 81% favorite.

Flop: 4 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 8 of diamonds; the opponent is now a 90% favorite

Fourth street: 6 of clubs

Fifth street: 5 of hearts

With a straight on the board, our Hero and his opponent tie and split the pot.